Culture Stream
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Stream full-length musicals, plays and more!

Frequenty Asked Questions

I'm having trouble renting a film.

To rent the film, click 'Rent'. You will be asked to signup and then provide credit card details. Your payments are managed securely by WIX and "Culture Stream Rental" will appear on your statement. 

How long can I stream a film for?

After renting the film, you can stream it for 72 hours after pressing play for the first time.

Can I log out and return to a film?

Yes, you can log-out and return to carry on streaming anytime over 72 hours.

What devices can I stream on?

Our films can be streamed on most devices including smart phones, computers and tablets. You may be able to share the film to your television using airplay, depending on your device.​

I'm having other issues

Please contact our customer services at